Data Analytics

i3The Capacity Group utilizes a strategic partnership with i3 Analytics, a financial technology firm that serves insurance agencies with analytical data. i3 provides predictive modeling software, data visualization services and web-based mobile applications that our partners use to predict opportunities and risk. Data is shown through actionable analytics with key performance information in web-based, easy-to-use dashboards; allowing our partners to view, learn from, and act on insurance agency data.

Data is often perceived as difficult to reach, difficult to understand and expensive to organize in a meaningful way for your company. Data holds the key to growing and improving your business but it has remained untapped and hidden within your agency management system, policy records, claims files and virtually every other data source available.

i3 Analytics is a financial analytics firm bringing unprecedented technology and capabilities to the insurance industry.  We use the most sophisticated data visualization platform in the world to create interactive dashboards that are web-based and accessible by laptops, tablets and smartphones from anywhere in the world.

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