Partner With Us


In our business, you can reach a crossroads. You realize you have some important decisions to make.

Perhaps you want to broaden your product offerings or increase insurance market access.

Perhaps you feel “stuck in the mud” because it’s hard to grow and you’re spending too much time on back-office issues.

Or you or one of your partners is thinking about estate issues, exiting the business or retiring.

For whatever reason, you’re beginning to consider some form of a strategic transaction.


What you can expect from The Capacity Group and EPIC

  • Access to the best policies and companies
  • True client advocacy in times of need
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Technology Innovation
  • Coverage experts
  • Analysis of risk
  • Broad Market Access
  • A “People First” Culture of Inclusion, Collaboration and Support
  • Operational Expertise and Infrastructure Assistance


To learn more detail about the specific services we offer our strategic partners, view our Partner Services page



We don’t pigeon-hole you


When Capacity approaches an agency about a new business partnership, there’s no rigid, preconceived “plan” that we expect you to follow. We listen to you, and we’re flexible about how we approach an investment. We work together to determine ways to help solve your problems and achieve your objectives.

We align our interests with yours


We are firm believers in the idea that we should structure the transaction so that we both benefit as your business grows. We don’t view transactions as a zero-sum game. We’re committed to the concept of working together so that “1+1=3” for all parties involved.

Access to Capacity’s Resources


By partnering with us, we help your business grow by providing it with access to our
extensive array of partner resources.



Long-term value creation


Unlike other acquirers, we don’t seek to buy your firm, reduce expenses and quickly sell or go public. We take a long-term view, because we believe the profit over time is potentially greater for us both.

Access to top-rated carriers


We place business with approximately 100 insurance companies, and we are in the top tier “President’s Club” with about 20 major insurers. When you become our strategic partner, you gain access to markets your firm didn’t have before, as well as access to their production clubs and decision makers.

High commissions & contingencies


We receive high commissions and high contingent payments on new and renewal business. Then, we share these with our business partners based on production. And, given our size, we’re generally not concerned with minimum premium requirements.

Our partners become your solutions


We offer an expansive range of standard and customized insurance and financial products for numerous types of businesses, industries and individuals. When you join forces with The Capacity Group, you instantly gain access to those products, and can offer them to your customers.

Partner support services


If you wish, we can offer you back-office services — such as accounting, IT, human resources, and licensing — to help you streamline internal processes, reduce operating costs and make your business more profitable. These back-office services are offered at our cost, as a service to our business partners.

Innovation & technology


We have the technology and customer service capabilities to help make your business more productive. Also, through an affiliated company, we have access to proprietary data analytics software which will help you better understand your business and grow.

Reputation for customer satisfaction


We’re committed to the individual needs of our (and your) clients, and we rank consistently high in customer satisfaction ratings. Our unique ability to “get the job done anytime and anywhere” has earned us a reputation for outstanding professionalism and customer service.



As you know, the insurance industry at its core is a people industry, built on personal relationships. If a partnership with The Capacity Group sounds like something you may want to explore, the next step is for us to meet face to face, person to person. We welcome the opportunity to discuss a partner agency relationship with you. Let’s talk about succeeding together!


When you’re ready to take your agency to the next level, reach out to Capacity’s head of corporate development,
Matt Beizer

(201) 661.2384