Partner Services


The Capacity Group provides our Agency Partners with services that are not only performed more efficiently and/or at a lower cost, but also with a higher level of quality than they have been performed in-house. With an experienced staff and an outstanding track record, The Capacity Group has the means to meet all of these expectations. We maintain an approach which is based on the establishment of mutual trust, complete transparency and the development of tailor made services that best fit the needs and requirements of all our Partner Agencies.



Market Relations


Direct access to most standard carriers and strong relationships with regional, national, multi-national global wholesalers and program groups. Our team is there to assist in providing direction to the most competitive insurance products.

  • Preferred contract status
  • Highest levels of commissions
  • Participation in profit sharing

Placement Assistance


The Capacity Group has built a team of marketing specialists that maintain strong relationships with local and national leaders in the underwriting community. This intellectual capital allows us to provide unique and superior placement options that extend to our partners and their clients. Additionally, our in-house instant messaging service (CapChat) enables real-time communication with other Capacity marketing professionals who provide direction and assistance when needed. These are powerful tools that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Staff Management & Training


Developing a set of hiring and servicing best practices ensures that all facets of your operation is running efficiently and clients are serviced appropriately. We believe that a well-organized staff reduces workplace stress and the exposure to errors and omissions that lead to claims against the agency.

  • Interviewing and hiring assistance
  • Training of new staff
    -management system
    -workflow process
  • Management system and desk auditing
  • Leadership development
  • Development of staff goals and objectives
  • Staffing assessment and recommendations
  • Workplace conflict and resolution management
  • Implementation and training for a paperless environment.



A team of experienced professionals assists in the planning, directing, monitoring and organizing of monetary resources.

  • Monthly financial reporting
  • General ledger management
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Corporate tax compliance oversight
  • Banking management

Our financial team is dedicated to delivering first-class accounting management of the following:

  • Premiums Direct bill items
  • Vendor payables
  • Collections
  • Premium financing
  • Producer commissions reconciliation
  • Cash applications

Human Resources


A team of experienced professionals assists in the planning, directing, monitoring and organizing of monetary resources.

Provides your organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing our most valuable resource – our employees.

  • Employee relations and conflict resolution
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Employee payroll and benefits portal
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Progressive discipline and terminations
  • Employee and managerial coaching
  • Policy and procedure interpretation
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Performance management coordination
  • Legal Compliance – State/Federal Regulations
  • Administration



Ensuring the logistics and coordination of information and services throughout the organization with the goal of maintaining uninterrupted operations for all companies.

  • Facility management
  • Real estate search and lease negotiation
  • Real estate purchase/lease management
  • Employee logistic services
  • Office administration (i.e. furniture, equipment)
  • Phone system management
  • Reception services (based on location)
  • Mailroom management
  • General asset acquisition and management
  • Records management
  • Security and safety
  • Administrative assistant support services
  • Agency systems administration (hardware, software)

Information Technology (IT)


Maintaining a reliable and scalable information technology infrastructure which enables innovative use of technology allowing our organization to provide best-in-class services to our clients, employees and partners.

  • Agency management systems support
  • Desktop, server and network support
  • Intranet and email support
  • Printer, scanner and media support
  • Disaster recovery and backup management
  • IT Hotline/ticketing support services
  • Telecommunications support (cell & landlines)
  • Network communication / ISP management

Corporate Communications


Our objective is to assist our partners in delivering a consistent strategic message to all its target audiences including customers, companies and employees. These communications create and preserve the company’s brand, assist in driving revenue and help everyone move in concert with the companies’ mission. Our department works intimately with company business leaders by coordinating and delivering on communication objectives.

  • Corporate branding
  • Web site design assistance
  • Graphic design to print
  • Email marketing campaign management
  • Stationery, business card development and support
  • Corporate intranet management
  • Press release development/deployment
  • Trade show assistance

Acquisition Services


A team of highly trained insurance professionals with significant experience in mergers and acquisitions.

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  • Transaction sourcing
  • Due diligence
  • Structuring and negotiation
  • Legal documentation

Legal Services


In-house legal group provides an array of advice and assistance.

  • Corporate structure/documentation support
  • Transactional documentation
  • Producer contracts
  • Wholesale broker contracts
  • Agency legal liability support (E&O, BOP, EPL, etc.)
  • Business registrations and tax filings


Insurance Products Development


We recognize that maintaining a competitive edge requires that we identify and development unique products and services we can offer to the marketplace. As a result, The Capacity Group has invested in people and companies that are dedicated to program research and development and experienced at converting local/regionalized books into nationwide programs.

  • Business and market segment analysis
  • Custom program development
  • Nationwide and exclusive distribution
  • Portfolio review and data analysis
  • Customized solutions to ensure successful product and market positioning
  • Risk management and alternative risk products
  • Incentive compensation
  • Marketplace development

Business Intelligence


Computing technology and advanced analytics is transforming how we operate our business and is critically important for our continued existence and profitability.

We have invested in companies that are on the leading edge of aggregating and analyzing data. As a result, we have developed a proprietary system that allows us to monitor our business real-time, look for coverage trends and customer behaviors that identify opportunities for growth in the marketplace.

  • Identify revenue growth trends
  • Increase profitability
  • Reducing/controlling operating expenses
  • Increase book profitability / reduce risk
  • Improve pricing
  • Identify emerging markets / customers
  • Present cross-selling opportunities