We Help Overseas Companies Conduct Business in the US

International business has unique risk management issues. To conduct business effectively and protect their interests, companies in the US that are affiliates of foreign entities require appropriate levels of insurance.

Capacity Worldwide Consulting Group, LLC, helps foreign companies based in the US determine their insurance needs and develop programs to meet them. Many types of coverages are required to meet legal requirements to conduct business.

We provide Commercial Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation, and other coverages you may need. Capacity Worldwide is headed by Martin A. Lebson CPIAL, AAI, ARM.

Capacity’s Worldwide Products Liability Program

Without proper Products Liability coverage, US companies that depend on foreign suppliers are at great risk and may not conduct business with your company. In some cases, distribution companies face the added expense of having to be insured as if they are manufacturers in order to ensure coverage.

Capacity’s program can help U.S. distributors and foreign suppliers obtain needed coverage at a reasonable cost. This program covers your company’s legal expenses resulting from third party claims for property damage and personal injury that can occur due to your products. We can issue certificates of insurance showing the coverage for customers of the insured worldwide.

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