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Dan Leporati of RiskAware Visits Mahwah

Dan Leporati from RiskAware recently visited our Mahwah office to introduce a new E-Learning tool (see below) for our clients. Dan and Riskaware has assisted our larger clients with his workers’ compensation / risk management service offerings.

Contact Dan directly with any questions you may have.

Dan Leporati, ARM | President
T: 321.200.4806


New E-learning Product Summary
RiskAware is proud to announce that it has partnered with Syntrio to provide on-line training and education product. We offer two libraries that with over 60 available course. Core HR compliance training is a valuable tool for our clients. Mandatory training in areas such as Unlawful Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, Code of Conduct, FCPA, Anti-Bribery, Cyber Security, FMLA and Diversity and Respect provides a solid foundation for every company to mitigate the employment liability risks to their businesses. As most injuries are caused by unsafe acts by employees, training and education is the key to changing the decision making process of your employees in their day to day work activities. The Safety and Health Curriculum contains the courses to control both costs of workplace safety; workers’ compensation primary causes of loss, and OSHA’s primary topics of regulatory citations.

About RiskAware
RiskAware is dedicated to providing risk management services that focus on identification and mitigation of financial loss sources for our clients. Our strategy is to create an environment of customer advocacy by providing proactive and effective services that positively impact both the human and financial realms of business. We will execute this strategy via open, effective communication and we are committed to providing consultative, educational and administrative services that will enhance our clients’ operations and profitability.

Our suite of services incorporates the traditional insurance cost containment practices of loss prevention consultation and claims management oversight, however, the emphasis of our application of those practices is towards the reduction of the policy holders future direct expenses tied to their insurance premiums.

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