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Live Well, Work Well

COLD OR FLU? Though the common cold and seasonal influenza share several symptoms, there are points of differentiation that will help you identify which you may have in order to seek proper treatment. It is important to tell the difference, as the flu can result in more serious health complications, while the cold likely will […]

Beat the Summer Heat!

Summer heat can be more than uncomfortable—it can be a threat to your health, especially for older adults and children. Whatever your age, don’t let the summer heat get the best of you. Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion occurs when a person cannot sweat enough to cool the body, usually the result of not drinking enough […]

Recognize Attractive Nuisance Dangers

An attractive nuisance is defined as a building, object or other area that attracts visitors who may or may not be welcome. These areas may not be properly fenced in or contain warning signs of their impending dangers. Attractive nuisance injuries can be quite serious, and sometimes even fatal; yet they are often preventable. Employers […]

Benefits of Non-owned Auto Liability Insurance

Regardless of the industry you operate in, it’s likely your employees need to operate vehicles for tasks like client visits, product deliveries and product pickups. While larger organizations often provide insured company vehicles to their staff for daily use, small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have that luxury.If employees use personal vehicles for business-related activities […]

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Crucial for Small Businesses

According to a recent study, more than half of all claims filed for employment-related liabilities are against employers with fewer than 50 employees. Alarmingly, the study also reveals that not even 2 percent of small businesses have employment practices liability (EPL) coverage. High Price Tag Employment-related claims can be extremely costly, especially in cases that […]

Privacy and Cyber Security

With the enormous amount of sensitive information stored digitally, companies need to take the proper measures to ensure this data is never compromised. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of business owners to protect their clients’ data. Failing to do so can result in a data breach, which costs companies billions of dollars every year. Understanding […]

Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Preparing for Hurricane Irma In anticipation of Hurricane Irma, all of us at The Capacity Group, an EPIC Company want you to know that the safety and well-being of our clients and families is paramount.  We are here to assist you with Claims teams and Adjusters on standby to respond to affected areas so the […]


From all of us here at The Capacity Group, an EPIC Company, congratulations Taylor Ziman! We’re happy to announce one of our summer interns is receiving recognition from The Council Foundation. As a 2017 Council Foundation recipient, she’s being awarded a $5,000 academic scholarship – a well-deserved reward for her hard work and a gift […]