About Capacity

Success through excellence

We believe that excellence is enhanced through collaborative innovation using rigorous problem solving, ingenuity, creativity, analysis and determination.

For over 25 years, Capacity has assembled some of the world’s top-rated providers of insurance, benefits and financial services solutions. We support those solutions with unparalleled expertise from in-house specialists in discreet areas of insurance — from personal coverage to corporate portfolios, hospitality to hedge funds, real estate to retirement planning — we cover it all.

We use our collective knowledge of the insurance marketplace to recommend the right solution to deliver clearly superior coverage to our clients, at the greatest value.


With The Capacity Group of professionals on your side, you can expect:


We believe that knowledge is powerful, transformative and vital to the relationships we maintain with our clients, partners and each other. We establish an environment that is inquisitive, informative and supportive.


We look ahead, anticipating and responding to change with agility. We are problem-solvers who explore new ideas and are driven to find the ideal solution. We challenge the status quo, think outside of the box, and learn from our experiences. We encourage and value informed initiative-taking.


This is reflected in our attention to client needs, and reinforced in our work environment by the way we support each other. We are socially responsible, trustworthy and have a positive impact on our communities.


Our strength is in the power of our collaboration and teamwork. We leverage our best-in-class skills, our best practices and our ideas throughout our organization, with our partners and with our clients.